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Scratches and chipped paintwork, although insignificant in terms of physical damage, can greatly detract from the overall looks and the value of almost any car. With a little time and attention to detail most damage of this type can be repaired with the minimum of cost.3

Check that the damage is confined to the paint/primer layer itself, i.e. there is not a shallow dent beneath the paintwork damage!

Smooth out the scratched/chipped area with wet/dry abrasive paper 180 grit, finishing with 320 grit until a level surface is achieved, with a visible "contour" at least 1cm wide showing on all separate primer and paint layers.

Use a sanding block at all times to prevent ripples being visible in the finished repair. 4

Dry the surface, especially bare metal, immediately with a clean cloth. Avoid touching areas to be primed or painted with bare hands to minimise future problems caused by oil, grease etc . If no further damage is evident , move on to the primer stage.

If only a small area is to be sprayed, solid and metallic colours can be blended into the surrounding panel as detailed in the Blending section.