Please don’t use an Ad Blocker when browsing this website – I’ll try to explain why

Adverts can be a real nuisance, especially those that pop up or take over the screen without asking.

This website uses Google adverts as its only form of income, and to be brutally honest it doesn’t actually cover the costs of running the site. A payment (usually 1p or 2p) is only registered when an advert is clicked on, in other words it only works if you are interested in an advert. You don’t need to buy anything, just clicking on the advert is enough.

Our adverts are placed so that they blend in as much as possible and don’t detract from the web page too much. Still where people can see them of course, and if you see something YOU are interested in, click the advert for more information.

Many websites, often owned by big business or corporations, have the luxury of their own budget to cover running costs, staff wages etc. This website doesn’t have any of that, and no other income except that which is produced by Google advertising (Adsense). I don’t get any secret financing from local councils, political parties or any other organisations.

Nobody is paid for the work involved in editing and maintaining the website, and the domain fees and web server hosting charges are my responsibility. I have to find the money to pay them as they fall due, so every click on an advert really does help!

If you decide to block adverts on this website then that’s fine, and the website will still work as intended, just keep in mind that many small websites could simply disappear if their main or only source of income is blocked.


Ken Craggs