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UK and American Auto Repair DescriptionsThis website was written initially for British UK English users, but I am pleased it is often visited by American web users.
Our American auto repair visitors may be a little confused at first, as some of the terms generally used by British car enthusiasts are different. Hopefully these few paragraphs will help to explain some of those 🙂

A brief glossary of interchangeable terms

Automobile = Car
Sheet Metal = Bodywork
Bondo/Putty = Polyester Body Filler
Fender = WingRocker Panel = Sill/Cill
Hood = Bonnet
Hood = also Convertible soft-top
Trunk – Boot
Liftgate = Tailgate
Sedan = Saloon
Station Wagon = Estate Car
Drophead = Convertible
Hardtop = Coupe
Panel Wagon = Van
Hot Rod = Custom car
Windshield = Windscreen
Muffler = Exhaust/Silencer
Damper = Shock Absorber
Ground = Earth
Wrench = Spanner

American Auto Repair Descriptions